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Polish Museum of America (PMA)
Muzeum Polskie w Ameryce
The Polish Museum of America
984 N. Milwaukee
Chicago, IL 60622

Contact: Jan Lorys
Malgorzata Kot
Phone: 773-384-3352, 3371
Fax: 773-384-3799
Region: Chicago/Illinois
Scope: National
Year Organized: 1937
Legal Status:: Incorporated, Non Profit
State of Incorporation: IL
Incorporation ID: 49807058
Principal Focus: Arts/Cultural
Services:Exhibition; museum
Information service

Mission Statement:

Promotes the knowledge of Polish history and culture, and especially promulgates Polish and Polish American art in its paintings, sculptures, drawings by well-known artists.


The Museum is housed in the headquarters of the Polish Roman Catholic Union. The surrounding historic neighborhood has many original buildings and churches from the pre-1900 era.

Founded in 1935 and opened to the public in 1937, the Museum offers exhibits of the art, history and culture of Poland and of the Polish-American Community. Special exhibits showcase significant examples of Polish art and culture.

Among the permanent displays is the huge painting of Casimir Pulaski at the Revolutionary War Battle of Savannah and a thirty foot high stained glass 'window' from the 1939 World's Fair. There are also displays of Polish folk costumes and Polish folk arts and crafts.

In a special room of the Museum you can view momentos of Ignacy Paderewski, Polish pianist, patriot and statesman. The display includes all the furnishings of his last apartment.

A gift shop is in the Museum and offers an excellent selection of imported amber jewelry, crystal, dolls, books, tapes and many other items.

The Polish Museum of America Library is also housed in the same building. This Library, established in 1913, contains over 60,000 volumes and is open to the casual reader as well as the serious researcher. The Library also contains material useful in genealogical study. Please call the Museum for a description of the materials available and for opening and closing times.
Number of Members: 800
Membership Criteria: Interest in Polish/Slavic culture
Membership Composition: Individuals and Organizations
Native Language: Mixed Pol/Eng
Primary Language at Meetings: Mixed Pol/Eng
Meeting Address: 984 N. Milwaukee Ave. Chicago, IL 60622

Recurring Special Events:

Annual Summer Ball, Bi-Annual Benefit Event and regular schedule of exhibits, workshops, lectures, concerts and author's nights.

Officers and Directors:

    - Director - Romuald Matuszczak
    - Director - Kenneth Widelka
    - Executive Board Chairman - Wallace M. Ozog
    - Vice-Chairman - Anna Sokolowski
    - Director - Maja Latallo
    - Director - Sabina P. Logisz
    - Director - Josephine Szarowicz
    - Director - Betty Uzarowicz
    - Director - Felicia Krupinski
    - Director - Thaddeus Makarewicz
    - Director - Alice Robaczewski
    - Director - Lillian Stempinski
    - Director - John Tylka
    - Director - Mary Jane Robles
    - Director - Kevin Ryba
    - Director - Jola Santocka
    - President - Maria Ciesla
    - Vice President - Mary Anselmo
    - Vice-President - Virginia Sikora
    - Secretary - Jennifer L. Crissey
    - Treasurer - Camille Kopielski
    - General Counsel - Joan Smuda
    - Director/Curator - Jan M. Lorys
    - Operations Manager - Richard Kujawa
    - Head Librarian - Malgorzata Kot
    - Archivist - Halina Misterka
    - Registrar - Barbara Mirecki
    - Director - Robert Bielenda
    - Director - Janina Bleka
    - Director - John Borkowski
    - Director - Joseph P. Boruta
    - Director - Teresa Buckner
    - Director - Jacek Chaba
    - Director - Beata Debek
    - Director - Shirley Dudzinski
    - Director - Alicia Dutka
    - Director - Robert Flor
    - Director - Ken Gill
    - Director - Krystyna Godzinski
    - Director - Edward Grodecki, Jr PhD.
    - Director - Edmund Gronkiewicz
    - Director - Lucille Gutowski
    - Director - Edmund Iwanski
    - Director - Stephanie Jagielski
    - Director - Joan Kosinski

Additional Office Locations:

The Polish Museum of America, 984 N. Milwaukee Ave., Chicago, IL 60622-4101, USA
Contact: Jan Lorys
Phone: 773-384-3352 Fax: 773-384-3799

Last Updated: 8/28/2007

Selected Press Release
The Polish Museum of America Celebrates Polish American Heritage Month

10/5/2007 - October is Polish American Heritage Month. To celebrate this event the Polish Museum of America located at 984 N. Milwaukee Ave, Chicago, Illinois will be having its 9th annual Polish American Heritage Program and Dinner on Sunday, October 14. The free program starts 1:00 p.m. sharp followed by dinner ( approximately 3:00 p.m.).

Students from PRCUA Southwest Center of Polish Dance will entertain this year, as well as, the Paderewski Polish School. Winners of our Polish American Heritage Art Contest “70th Anniversary of the Opening of the Polish Museum of America” will be announced. All artwork will be on display at the Museum until the end of October. The Polish Museum Heritage Award will be presented to individuals, businesses or organizations for their interest in and generosity toward the Polish Museum of America. This year’s recipients are Matthew Sularski, Edmund Gronkiewicz, Idalia Blaszczyk from WNVRam1030 Chicago, Bogdan Dola from TVP Chicago and the Hon. Pawel & Mrs. Pietrasienski.

A Polish style dinner will be served after the Program. Cost of the dinner is $15.00 for Adult Museum Members, $20.00 for Adult Non-Members and $7.00 for children under 16. Reservations are necessary since seating is limited. RSVP to 773-384-3352 ext 101. Payment guarantees your seat.

Other Press Releases
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FESTIVAL OF MAPS - CHICAGO Maps and Panoramas of Warsaw November 2, 2007 – January 13, 2008 (11/2/2007)

The Polish Museum of America Celebrates Polish American Heritage Month (10/5/2007)

We cordially invite you to participate in Polish American Heritage Art Contest for youth. (9/21/2007)

The Polish Museum of America is celebrating the 70th anniversary of its opening (8/28/2007)


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Polish Spirit Award Presented to Alliance of Polish Clubs (7/17/2007)

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