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Polish Veterans of World War II Post No. 31, Second Polish Corps (SPK) (SPK31)
Stowarzyszenie Polskich Kombatantów w Stanach Zjednoczonych, Koło Nr. 31 im 2-go Korpusu w Chicago

5962 N Milwaukee Ave.
Chicago, IL

Contact: Julian Witkowski
Sofia Biernadska (773) 281-7932
Phone: (773) 467-1761 (czwartek od 10-ej do 1-ej)
Region: Chicago/Illinois
Scope: Local
Year Organized: 1953
Legal Status:: Incorporated, Non Profit
Tax Exempt Status: 501c3 - Religious, charitable, scientific, literary or educational purposes
Principal Focus: Club: Armed Forces/Veterans

Mission Statement:

The Polish Veterans of World War II is a non-for-profit organization operated primarily with the purpose of social, recreational, and benevolent activities in the State of Illinois. It is comprised of persons 55 years of age or older. Nothing herein shall be deemed to authorize the corporation to pay any sick or death benefits.


History and Activities of the
2nd Corps Association of Polish Veterans
Post #31 in Chicago

The Association of Polish Veterans Post #31 was organized on November 23, 1953 in affiliation with the Polish Veterans of World War II, headquartered in New York. Members of the organization were former Polish soldiers – both airforce and navy – who fought in Africa at Tobruk, in Italy at Monte Cassino, Ancona and Bologna, and in France at Normandy. Together with the Allied Forces, the Polish soldiers fought for Poland’s freedom.

In the unjust postwar arrangement by the Great Powers, Poland was left under the political influence of the communist Soviet Union. Disappointed and disillusioned soldiers, without hope of return to a free Poland, reluctantly decided to remain in the West as political emigrants, always faithful to the traditions and ideals in the fight for an independent and democratic Poland.

Through their political and social activities, Polish Veterans were constantly reminding the world about the historical injustices committed against their homeland.

Through its members’ intensive work and generosity, Association Post #31 was able to acquire two buildings. These served the fund-raising needs of the organization for social, political and charitable purposes.

One of the important undertakings of the Veterans Association was the acquisition of a section of land at Maryhill Cemetery in Niles, Illinois, established as a final resting place for Polish veterans. The “Polish Soldiers Monument” was dedicated on September 7, 1975, featuring engraved emblems, locations and dates of battles fought for Allied victories in the name of Polish freedom.

The Polish Veterans Association remains active in continuing its activities and ideals. From its inception, the Association has had delegates appointed to the Polish American Congress and supports its objectives.

Former presidents of the organization include:
Jozef Marolewski
Wladyslaw Stepien
Adam Klimek
Michal Bojczuk
Jan Jurewicz
Dr. Feliks Krzan
Julian Witkowski

Prepared by Jerzy Minkina
Number of Members: 130
Membership Composition: Individuals
Average Age: 65 and over
Native Language: Polish
Meeting Frequency: 5 to 12 times a year
Primary Language at Meetings: Polish
Meeting Location: Own Facility

Officers and Directors:

    - President - Julian Witkowski
    - V-ce President - Kazimierz Baranek
    - Secretary - Jerzy Pasiński
    - Financial Secretary - Teodozja Musiałowicz
    - Correspondent Secretary - Zofia Biernadska

Last Updated: 7/31/2002

Selected Event
Oplatek Kola SPK Nr 31

Sun, 1/22/2006

Tradycyjny Oplatek Kola odbedzie sie w niedziele, 22 stycznia o godz. 11:30 rano. w lokalu Lone Tree Manor przy 7730 N. Milwaukee Ave., w Niles.

Region: Chicago/Illinois
Category: Reception; Party
Location: 7730 N. Milwaukee Ave., w Niles
Cost: $20.00
Phone: 773.622.6809

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